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Cultivate is on a mission to inspire and engage young people who are not currently in education, employment or training. We do it outdoors, with our hands in the dirt, working side by side, where young people are more likely to open up about their biggest challenges and we have the opportunity to connect with them. It is not necessary to be interested in horticulture - our current programme is mixed with many different outdoor experiences. 


Cultivate Explore

Our purpose is to foster and empower young people, creating a sense of belonging and security through offering a 3 day, 5 week course to develop;
● Better awareness of self
● Better connection to Whenua
● Igniting a sense of purpose
● Deepening connections with self, others and community. 


We use a holistic strengths-based approach to well-being and Cultivate Explore is to dive deeper into oneself, the environment and future career opportunities. 




If you're aged 16-25 - or know someone who is - and looking to get learn about outdoor careers, get in touch.

We have a flexible person-centred and strength-based approach to working with young people, that focuses on well-being and personal development; horticulture education; environmental sustainability and support for 'soft' and 'hard' employability skills in a real-world work environment. Click on the link for more information or apply today!

Cultivate Internships
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"Before coming to Cultivate I was pretty depressed, lost and lacked confidence.

I had no thoughts or ambition on doing anything with my life. Then I started an internship with Cultivate, I feel like my life has changed.


This is because not only did working at Cultivate make me feel like I had a reason to get up I had purpose. The environment from all the people that I worked with were really supportive and non judgmental. I now have gained employment after my 3 month internship with Cultivate and feel a lot happier about my self and overall well being.


I feel like I am able to contribute to my life in a positive way and make healthier choices."

Claudia K, Intern

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